Meet Mzurrie

Mzurrie flowers is a brand name representing three Rose growing farms namely Winchester Farm Ltd, Maji Mazuri Flower Ltd, and Molo River Roses Ltd. Mzurrie flowers as a brand aims at understanding our customer needs with the aim of meeting them in the most efficient and effective manner. We aim to bring solutions to our clients and create partners in business. At Mzurrie flowers, employees are business partners. We believe that great vision without great people is irrelevant so we strive to attract, build and retain talented and dedicated workforce irrespective of color, race, political affiliations, physical and HIV status

Our Vision

To be the World's preferred brand in floriculture

Our Mission

To propagate and grow quality flowers in Kenya for export in a socially and enviromentally responsible manner, geared towards satisfying customer needs while providing value to shareholders in dynamic and challenging atmosphere for employees

Our Core Values

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