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The Farms

Molo Rivers Farm

Started in 2012 and situated in Kenya’s Rift
Valley. Situated 30 kms Northwest of lake Nakuru at an
altitude of the farm is 1750m above sea level, 5 kms from the Equator This provides adequate sunshine all-year round for optimal flower
production. The area under production here is 30

Maji Mazuri Farm

This farm is situated 50 kms west of Eldoret and
was started in 2002. We have 30 hectares under
production at an altitude of 1950m above sea

Winchester Farm - Bahati

This farm was started in 2015 and is situated in
Nakuru – Bahati at an altitude of 2160m above
sea level with 30 ha under rose production and a
small area with chrysanthemums , Lepidium’s,
Parviflora, Baby Blue and Silver Dollar.